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Odoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that can be customized as per the specific needs of a client. Customization creates a personalized experience in an application based on the client's needs and ideas. One way through which customization can be done in Odoo is by using modules. Modules are pre-built packages that add specific functionality to the Odoo system. Ten Orbits provides different modules such as accounting, inventory management, CRM, Fleet, recruitment, HRM and many more. These modules can be easily installed and configured to work with the existing Odoo system. Another way to customize Odoo is through development. This involves creating custom modules or modifying existing modules to meet the specific requirements of a business.

Odoo Customization Process

Requirement Gathering

Ten Orbits will schedule a meeting between you and our technical team to collect information about your needs and requirements.

GAP Analysis

Ten Orbits will analyze the gap between the features offered by Odoo and what your business requires.

Feasibility Study

An examination of the potential to make the requested changes to Odoo without negatively impacting performance or disrupting the platform's default functions.



A projection of the cost and time required for implementation will be provided to you.



Customer Approval

We await your approval to move forward.


The system will be created to meet your needs and requirements, and in compliance with industry standards.


Integration and unit testing will be conducted multiple times to assess the dependability.


The final and tested modules will be provided to you.

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