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Some of the key features that you must look into the ERP solutions for manufacturing companies

When evaluating Manufacturing ERP systems, some key features to consider include:

  1. Material requirement planning (MRP) and inventory management: The ability to plan and track inventory levels, as well as manage raw materials and finished goods.

  2. Shop floor control: Features that allow you to manage production schedules, track work orders.

  3. Quality control: Tools for monitoring and measuring product quality, as well as tracking non-conformances and implementing corrective actions.

  4. Financials and accounting: Integration with financial systems to manage costs, track budgets and generate financial reports.

  5. Supply chain management: Features for managing suppliers, purchase orders and logistics.

  6. Data analysis and reporting: The ability to generate reports and analyze data to improve business performance and make informed decisions.

  7. Scalability: The ability to adapt to the changing needs of your business as it grows.

  8. Customization: The ability to customize the software to meet the specific needs of your business.