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Implementing ERP requires specialized tasks and you may need one or more of the following human resources to ensure smooth implementation and to ensure it meets expected function.

To implement an ERP system in a manufacturing company, several types of human resources may be needed, including:

  1. Project managers: to oversee the implementation process and ensure that it stays on track and within budget.

  2. IT professionals: to handle the technical aspects of the implementation, such as configuring the system and integrating it with other software, this can come from the implementing partner.

  3. Business analysts: to understand the company's processes and requirements, and to ensure that the ERP system is configured to meet those needs.

  4. Subject matter experts: to provide input on specific areas of the business, such as accounting, inventory management, and production.

  5. Change management specialists: to help employees adjust to the new system and ensure that it is adopted and used effectively.

  6. Training specialists: to provide training for employees on how to use the ERP system.